Campus Contest Finalists - Fall 2011

    Mechanical Engineering
    1st year
    Marietta, Georgia
    Michael Blanchard
    The summer before beginning classes at Georgia Tech, Michael took advantage of the Tech Treks program through ORGT and enjoyed a trip to Alaska. It was there, while hiking along the Kesugi Ridge trail, that Hubert understood the beauty of nature and the difference between the wild Alaskan wilderness and his busy subrurban home.
    Industrial Engineering
    1st year
    Isabella Carbonell
    Family is an incredibly important part of Isabella’s life – completely and utterly a part of her soul. Isabella’s best memories of her family revolve around Sunday mornings, where all worries of the past week seem to melt away as she spends time with her loved ones. In fact, Isabella shares how her Sunday morning family time allowed her family to navigate through some very difficult moments in life.
    Computational Media
    1st year
    Lexington, Kentucky
    Madeleine Delgado
    Madeleine often wonders the extent to which grand moments – such as a marriage proposal – capture the magic of life. Yet, to her the beauty of existence is in the little moments. Madeleine hopes that everyone takes time to do more than simply stop and smell the roses.
    2nd year
    Milton, Georgia
    Lauren Lewis
    To Lauren, Love is an incredible intangible that should be shared with others. She first understood the beauty of this word while completing an assignment on the anniversary of a friend’s death. Lauren believes that members of society should freely express their Love for others. She carries a red ribbon on her backpack to remind her of her friend’s death and the importance of life.
    Civil Engineering
    3rd year
    Chengdu, China
    Timothy Robnett
    One wheel and a few pedal strokes is all that Timothy needs to symbolize life. Timothy has five reasons for riding a unicycle to class – reasons that teach us nothing about unicycling whatsoever, but instead about living life to its fullest.
    Graduate student
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Jeff Schatten
    Jeff is a caring older brother who has seen the terrors of addiction firsthand. In Jeffrey’s own words, addicts are seen in a “hush-hush” manner, left to fight their battle “in the dark.” As others deal with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or other life-threatening illnesses, Jeffrey knows and understands what those who are addicts go through.
    Aerospace Engineering
    1st year
    Cedarhurst, New York
    Michael Somer
    Despite his skinny appearance, Michael has the appetite of a small army. This metabolic anomaly has led to a few embarrassing moments throughout his young lifetime but, as he details, embarrassing yourself is something that everyone on this earth has accomplished. The trick, as Michael believes, is to take that embarrassing moment and allow others to benefit from your own blunders.
    Mechanical Engineering
    1st year
    Bakersfield, California
    Chad Spalinger
    Chad is an active student who enjoys playing golf. As he believes, much like finishing a Sudoku puzzle or a reading a long novel by Charles Dickens, endurance is an important part of developing stength. Chad knows and understands this firsthand because of his experience with scoliosis.
    Industrial Engineering
    1st year
    Dallas, Texas
    Hank Williams
    Hank "the Tank" was a star football player on his Texas high school team. With his skills on the field, combined with his family football legacy, Hank could only see himself as a future NFL star. As much as he loved football, it was the cello that truly resonated with him. Eventually, it was the cello that he chose to pursue.
    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    1st year
    Fremont, California
    Debra has spent so much time reading books, periodicals, and other works that she claims to be a “as blind as a disoriented, sonar-impaired bat.” As she sees it, however, this impairment is well worth the benefits she gains from immersing herself within the world of words. From Atticus Finch to Mrs. Weasley, Debra has fallen in love with literature. She would prefer to be called Ishmael.