About This I Believe

This I Believe is currently on hiatus. Check back soon for updates on the essay contest and announcements about upcoming events!

In Spring 2011 Georgia Tech started a This We Believe series for students, faculty, and staff in conjunction with the new informal discussion program Open Forum

This I Believe, a national project started in the 1950s by journalist Edward R. Murrow and continued today on NPR, invites everyday Americans to write about the core beliefs that guide their daily lives.  Beyond reflecting on and developing one’s own beliefs, This I Believe encourages “people to begin the . . . difficult task of developing respect for beliefs different from their own.”  Example essays include: “I Believe in the Power to Forget”, “I Believe in Laughter”, and “I Believe in Being Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude”.

We invite all Tech students, faculty, and staff to write their own "This I Believe" essay.  For the students who opt in, we will be holding a contest for the This I Believe essays (see our campus contest page for more details).  We hope you will consider writing your own personal belief statement! 


Partnership with Tech's Writing and Communication Program


The This We Believe at Georgia Tech project is carried out through a successful partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Writing and Communication Program. The Writing and Communication Program fosters a culture of communication excellence across our campus. The program emphasizes both rhetorical and multimodal communication (written, oral, verbal, electronic, and nonverbal). This type of communication affects the academic, professional, community, and personal lives of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, whether they are in classes or labs, offices or agencies, manufacturing or R&D facilities, across the US or around the world.